? The Imbayakunas
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Andean Soul - Vol 17

Volume 17

This is a CD of traditional Andean Native music. This CD is mostly instrumental and features the popular Imbayakunas sounds.

1. Sumac Kausay (Living to the fullest)

2. Churay Churay

3. La Noche Azul (The Blue Night)

4. Japipay

5. Promesa (Promise)

6. Vamos A Cuzco (Let's go to Cuzco)

7. Otavalo

8. Yuyay (Love me)

9. En Madrugada (At Sun Rise)

10. Estando Triste Vivo Alegre

11. Linda Bella (Nice and Beautiful)

12. Nina Bonita (Pretty Girl)

13. Maqui Manay

14. Lambada (Llorando se fue)

15. Bonus Track: Te He Prometido (I Promised you)