Patricio Chiza
Patricio Chiza

"The Imbayakunas" - Keeping Andean Traditions Alive Through Song

"When I made the decision to form 'The Imbayakunas' music group, I knew my ancestors would be proud", remarks Patricio Chiza. Mr.Chiza is the musical director and founder of The Imbayakunas Music Group from Ecuador. "I come from a strong and vibrant Native Andean culture. Both my mother and father raised myself and my siblings to understand and appreciate our traditions. Although there was and still exists racism against Native people, my parents never relinquished their pride and dignity in the face of adversity and discrimination."

In 1998, Patricio Chiza began his dream of forming a group that would highlight the wondrous sound of the Andes. Each musician is from Ecuador and shares a love of performing. Their music continues to evolve and can be described as a World Music fusion between traditional Andean sounds and contemporary Latin rhythms. The music of The Imbayakunas is infectious; Latin American and North American audiences alike are drawn to the musical mix of pan flutes, guitar, violin charango and drums.

The Imbayakunas Music Group has worked hard to make their mark as entertainers. They have gained much notoriety while performing at various festivals, private functions, shopping centres and benefit events. Through their work over the years, they have become the best known local presenters of Andean music in Canada. The Imbayakunas have recorded and released 20 CD's to date and showcase a wide repertoire of musical sounds spanning from traditional Andean San Juans to cover versions of classics such as "Hotel California" by The Eagles.

"Anytime I have the opportunity to show the world the beauty that is Andean Music, it is a privilege and my pleasure", says Patricio Chiza. The Imbayakunas success is a dream come true.